Beethoven : The Complete piano Sonatas

The incredible new release of Mélodie Zhao, who is the youngest artist to record the 32 Sonatas of Beethoven ! “I tried to move myself aside when interpreting these perfect music. I wanted to reveal their pure beauty and exuberance through the simple gift of my youth, without pursuing some kind of special “personnality”, which would profit nothing to this perfection. In fact, I didn’t need to think about personnality. A part of myself was very instinctively connected to Beethoven’s thoughts. I felt being, not proving. And alive as ever.”

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Franz Liszt : The Transcendantal Etudes

Mélodie Zhao is typical of all young girls of her generation : she uses all the modern means of communication, has her own web page, is actively present on social networks and lives her art and work passionately.Yet her own passion is rather unusual: as a 17 year old, her ambition is to play the most complex piano cycle ever written, with the added bonus of making it feel like a walk in the park whilst striving to unite musicality and virtuosity in one vital surge. Recorded in the best recording studio in Switzerland, the famous Salle de Musique in La Chaux-deFonds, these Transcendental Etudes, drafted by Liszt in Vienna at the age of 15, emerge, with Mélodie Zhao’s gracefulness, as a bursting, youthful, loving tribute to life.
An interpretation as cheeky and mind-blowing as the CD cover!

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CHOPIN :24 Etudes op.10 & op.25

Mélodie Zhao was 13 when she took a rare challenge : record the complete “24 Etudes op.10 & op.25” of Frederic Chopin, a summit of piano repertoire, equivalent to Franz Liszt’s “12 Transcendantal Studies”. Acclaimed by reviews, this first studio recording even confirms the interpretative personnality of the young artist : fresh, passionate, and gorgeously virtuosic.

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Mélodie Zhao :
1er récital à 10 ans

26th June 2005, ten-year-old Mélodie Zhao gave her first recital at the Palais de l’Athénée in Geneva, Switzerland. Her programme included works of J.-S. Bach, Mozart, Schubert, Chopin and Honegger. The concert revealed the characterful playing of this young pianist. Its live recording CD is available here

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